Sycamore Run


Sycamore Run is the section of river located below the Channels and above the Pipe Pool. Access to this Run is either by walking down to the river from the top car park by Pen Dre farm house and then down river for about 300m. However, I normally walk up river from layby parking opposite Duncan’s Pool because I can fish the other pools on the middle beat on my way.

Looking up into Sycamore Run from the right bank

Its topography is similar to that of the channels but the main gully where the majority of the fish lie is shallower and runs close to the right bank. When the river is at its summer level this gully offers a good resting place for salmon and sea trout. Traditional fly fishing for salmon & sea trout located here is difficult because of the strong flow through the narrow gully and the low overhanging trees. Consequently, they are normally targeted here by the worm anglers. I never fish this run when the river is in spate because it is just too treacherous and there are better pool to fish.

Over years I have caught many grayling and brown trout from this run, which is best fished with either: traditional dry-fly, Klink & Dink or Czech nymphing techniques. This run is often litter with snags (trap tree branches etc.) so be prepared to lose quite a few nymphs on trying to reach the bottom where the fish tend to lie. This is a great place to fish during on bright summer days because it is nearly always in the shade and yields fish when the rest of the river is dead from midday until early evening.

Directions and Parking

From Llangollen take the A5 to Crown then just after the junction with the B5103 by Berwyn Station take the next right and follow the lane for about 500 metres until you reach the lay-by on the left next to the railway tunnel.

The river is accessed by walking down the lane about 50 metres to the style on your right. Climb over the style into the field and head up river over the next two styles.  Continue up river a further 100m to where the bank becomes heavily tree lined, this is the start if Sycamore Run. A map to this pool can be found on Llangollen-Maelor Angling website.

[Disclaimer – like most outdoor sports, fishing is not without its hazards. Therefore, you MUST do your own RISK ASSESSMENT before starting to fish; especially if you decide to wade and/or fish at night. In addition, you must follow the club rules when fishing this water.]

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