Dereck's Pool


Dereck’s Pool is the first pool on Llangollen-Maelor’s upper beat of the Welsh Dee and is the first pool you arrive at when accessing the river from the car park by Pen Dre farm house. It is a short pool that has been scoured out of the bedrock on the rivers decent into the Channels. This has resulted the pool having a very uneven topography, consisting of gullies which are strewn with boulders.  Consequently, I would classify this as a minor salmon pool; i.e. one that offers more of a resting place for running fish during a spate rather than a holding pool in low water.

Looking at the Head of Dereck's Pool from the right bank
The tail of Dereck's Pool from the right bank

Directions and Parking

From Llangollen take the A5 to Crown then just after the junction with the B5103 by Berwyn Station take the next right and follow the lane for about 1mile. At the end you will see the top car park on your left.

Walk up the lane from the car park to the style on your right that takes you into the field. Follow the fence down the hill to the river, turn left and step over the style and you are by Dereck’s Pool .

[Disclaimer – like most outdoor sports, fishing is not without its hazards. Therefore, you MUST do your own RISK ASSESSMENT before starting to fish; especially if you decide to wade and/or fish at night. In addition, you must follow the club rules when fishing this water.]

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