Sea Trout Pool


The Sea Trout Pool is another of my favourite pools on Llangollen-Maelor’s middle beat, which is located below then Chain Bridge Hotel and Berwyn Station but access is not easy. I find it best to fish this run when the river level is below 0.6m (Manley Hall gauge) and especially when the river is down at its summer level.

It is a classic sea trout pool consisting of a gravel bottom, shallower right bank that is a relatively easy wade and a deep undercut left bank that offers shelter to resting fish. In addition, the pool narrows at the tail causing the water to speed-up as it exits; this is where sea trout take up station after dark. In the summer months, late June onwards, it often holds sea trout that are waiting to ascend Abbey Brook to spawn.

Sea Trout Pool – view up river from the tail towards the right bank.
1.5lb Sea trout caught on a Black Hopper – July 2017.

Over the years I have had some fantastic catches of grayling from this pool; especially, while fishing spiders & wet flies from late evening to nightfall during the summer months. One recent, memorable evening (July 2017) I had in excess of 40 grayling in 2hrs while fishing small wet flies for sea trout; nearly every cast the flies were in the water for less than a minute before I had a fish on. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for me to catch 10+ grayling during one run through this pool.

1.5lb Grayling caught on a March Brown Spider – Sea Trout Pool July 2017

The brown trout tend to lie close to the head of the pool behind the rocks and alongside the edges of the gullies. I find these weary fish are best targeted by traditional upstream dry fly fishing techniques.

Surprisingly, I have never fished the Sea Trout Poll for salmon and it is probably something I should correct in soon.  In the last few years, canoeing activity through this pool during the day has increased considerably, especially in summer, which can spoil the fishing. Therefore, I tend only to fish this pool either early morning or late in the evening during the summer.

Directions and Parking

From Llangollen take the A5 to Crown then just after the junction with the B5103 by Berwyn Station take the next right and park by the railway.

The Sea trout Pool is accessed by walking down the path under Berwyn Station, passed the Chain Bridge and then down through a wooded area to the right bank of the pool. A map to this pool can be found on Llangollen-Maelor Angling website.

[Disclaimer – like most outdoor sports, fishing is not without its hazards. Therefore, you MUST do your own RISK ASSESSMENT before starting to fish; especially if you decide to wade and/or fish at night. In addition, you must follow the club rules when fishing this water.]

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