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How to enhance your experience of fishing the pools of Llangollen-Mealor Angling Beats......

Upper Beat - Llangollen-Maelor Angling

Dereck’s Pool is the first pool on Upper Beat, which is a short pool that has been scoured out of the bedrock. It has a very uneven topography consisting of gullies strewn with boulders, which offer good lies….

“The Glide” is a short section of water running over a rock platform which over millennia has eroded channels into it. These channels provide a number of good lies for salmon because in low water….

“Dee Farm is the longest pools on the Upper beat, where throughout the years I have caught many grayling, brown trout, sea trout and the occasional salmon. In addition to its charm, it can be fished successfully….

Walking up river from Dee Farm on the right bank, the next pool you come to is the Fridge Pool, which is minor pool that I find fishes well for grayling and trout. Occasionally, salmon can be caught there….

The pool is the beat upper limit. Depending on the time of year and river conditions, it is possible to catch grayling, trout, sea trout and salmon, which adds to its attraction and the effort in walking up through the wood….

Middle Beat - Llangollen-Maelor Angling

This pool is effectively a narrow, long, and deep gully that has been cut out of the bedrock over thousands of years. In low water it affords a good resting place for salmon and sea trout but it is difficult to fish with the fly because….

Sycamore Run is located directly below the Channels. Over years I have caught many grayling & brown trout from this run, which is best fished with either: traditional dry-fly, Klink & Dink or Czech nymphing techniques….

The Pipe Pool is a main pool on the middle beat. It can be fished relatively easily from both banks of the river for salmon, sea trout, trout and grayling….

This is a long pool that is located between above Duncan’s Pool. I fish the full length of this pool from left bank for grayling and trout when the river is at its summer level. In higher water….

Duncan’s Pool is a lovely pool for the fly angler, which from the left bank can be fished from head to tail  even in high water. Depending on the time of year and conditions it is possible to catch salmon, trout…

This long pool receives a lot of fishing pressure because it’s close to the main parking and thus the fishing can be hard work. However, over the years I have caught some cracking grayling, trout….

Bishops Run is streamy section of water directly below Horseshoe Falls. It fishes best for trout and grayling in low water, especially during the summer when the water temperature rises and fish need oxygenated water…..

This is one of my favourite pools, which I find fishes best in low water. It is a classic sea trout pool with a gravel bottom, shallower right bank that is a relatively easy wade and a deep undercut left bank that offers shelter to resting fish….

Lower Beat - Llangollen-Maelor Angling

I prefer to fish Jenny Jones from the left bank either early morning or evening to avoid the canonists. Over the years I have caught plenty of trout, grayling and a few sea trout from this pool….

This is a good pool to fish when the river is at its summer level because it’s a fast streamy piece of water, littered boulders that provide many fish holding pockets. I find it best to fish this run when….

Llandyn Beat - Llangollen-Maelor Angling

This pool can be fished at most water heights, even when the river is in full flood, because the main current is pushed over to the right bank leaving a slacker section close to the left bank where the fish tend to congregate. When the river is at its summer level the fish tend to be at the head of the pool in the streamy riffle…..

Golf Course Beat - Llangollen-Maelor Angling

The Meadow is a great stretch of the River Dee for fly fishing, even in high water when most other sections are unfishable. I tend to fish this pool more in winter and early spring for grayling and during the salmon season when the river is in spate…

Ddol Issa Beat - Llangollen-Maelor Angling

Mill Run is my favourite pool on the Ddol-isaf beat, which I find fishes well for grayling and trout.  I have caught a few sea trout in this pool but no salmon to-date; my son lost a salmon in…..

[Disclaimer – like most outdoor sports, fishing is not without its hazards. Therefore, you MUST do your own RISK ASSESSMENT before starting to fish; especially if you decide to wade and/or fish at night. In addition, you must follow the club rules when fishing this water.]

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