Bishops Run


Bishops Run is located directly below Horseshoe Falls and is a streamy section of water in-between the right bank and the islands in the centre of the weir pool. I find it best to fish this run when the river level is below 0.6m (Manley Hall gauge) and especially when the river is down at its summer level. In addition, this streamy section is a good place to target when the river temperature rises during the summer months because this oxygenated water brings fish up out of the deep trench that it flows into.

Bishops Run - view up river from the right bank towards Horseshoe Falls.

Over the years I have caught plenty of trout and grayling in this run using the main fly fishing techniques: dry & wet fly and Czech nymphing. Usually, at the head of the run there are a few trout sheltering up against the trees on the island at; whereas, the grayling tend to be spread out through the run.

At the tail of Bishops Run the river flows over a rock ledge and into a deep trench that continues down to Kings Bridge. The fast water into the drop-off zone is always worth a try because this deep trench holds some quality grayling and trout. When the river is at its summer level (ca. 0.5m Manley Hall gauge) and running clear I have waded down along the rock ledge to fish the far side of the trench with the dry fly. This section doesn’t produce many fish but when it does they tend to be big; I have had a 3lb grayling in the tail of this trench.  N.B. This rock ledge is very slippy so extreme care should be taken if you venture on to it.

Bishops Run - view down river from the right bank towards Kings Bridge

Surprisingly, I have never fished Bishops Run for salmon and it is probably something I should correct soon. The deep trench below the run is a good holding pool for salmon but not one that is easy to fish with the fly. I’ve heard that the local anglers catch salmon here fishing with the worm and prawn but I have never tried this.

NB. This section of the river is used almost daily with canoeists during the day, especially in summer, which can spoil the fishing.  Therefore, I tend only to fish this section early morning and late in the evening.

Directions and Parking

From Llangollen take the A5 to Crown then just after the junction with the B5103 by Berwyn Station take the next right and park on the left alongside the railway.

Bishops Run is best accessed by parking in just after the railway bridge, followed by a 50m walk down the lane, over the first style and then down the steep path river, with Bishops Run being directly in front of you. A map to this pool can be found on Llanfollen-Maelor Angling website.

[Disclaimer – like most outdoor sports, fishing is not without its hazards. Therefore, you MUST do your own RISK ASSESSMENT before starting to fish; especially if you decide to wade and/or fish at night. In addition, you must follow the club rules when fishing this water.]